Thursday, 27 September 2018

How Market Adaptive Trading can enhance entries

FX AlgoTrader have released a market adaptive trading system based on a triple moving average MetaTrader indicator.

Moving Averages (MAs) are an excellent way of identifying entry points in a strong trend however, the trick to this technique is being able to filter out rangebound markets. The FX AlgoTrader Triple Moving Avergage Crossover indicator with AutoTrading allow traders to isolate a historical point on a MetaTrader chart which displayed a strong trend. The system then calculates a bespoke trend profile matching these conditions and monitors the market in real-time for a similar trend profile. Once a matching trend profile has been identified the trading system then automatically opens a trade when the short term MAs cross either up or down.

The third longer term MA acts as a trend filter so for long trades the long term MA must be below the two short term MAs... for short trades, the long term MA must be greater than the two short term MAs. We define this approach as 'stacked MAs'.

By including an additional trend profile filter (a trader defined trend profile) the trader has the additional benefit of being able to stay out of the market in rangebound market conditions where MA crossover entry techniques do not perform well.

We think the inclusion of market adaptive technology is a massive game changer in smart auto trading tools.

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Friday, 21 September 2018

Sometimes FREE isn't as good as it sounds!

Here's a short video about a free pivots indicator compared to  paid for version....
If traders are blindly assuming the levels created from poorly coded free indicators are trustworthy... they should think again... Also of interest is the way the free pivot vendor removed my comment in the review section for the product. It does make you wonder how true review and comments sections are doesn't it?!!